Use Emulator to Research Someone’s TikTok Friends

One issue with TikTok is that you can only view an account’s followers and friends if you are using the app, which is problematic if you need or want to be using a web browser because it means you can’t view an account’s connections.

This post will address how you can use a phone emulator via your browser to get around this problem.

Free, Web-Based Emulators

There are several free (or at least, they offer a free trial) web-based emulators. For a list of emulators go to this article.

The article names a number of emulators, but for this post we will use BrowserStack.

Steps For Using Emulator

Here are the steps to use the emulator to view TikTok friends and followers.

1 – After signing up with a google account for a free trial on browserstack, I get this page below:

2 – After choosing one of the device options I get an emulator set up and appears as below:

3 – For the android device, I click on Play Store so that I can download TikTok. After opening Play Store, I log into my google account so I can access Play Store.

4 – I search and find TikTok and then hit install.

5 – From here, it is a simple process of finding and opening a TikTok page of choice, then click on “Following” or “Followers”.

6 – Finally, here we see the friends.

That’s it, you’re done!

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