Researching U.S. Property Records

Property records can be found in deep web databases that are located in the local county government websites in the “County Tax Assessor” section under the heading “Property Search.” This is true for the vast majority of U.S. counties.

A quick way to find the database is to google the name of the county and “tax assessor,” because the county tax assessor maintains the records. This should lead you to webpage in the county government website where you have the option to input an address.

A directory of all of these U.S. county tax assessor databases can be found at Black Book Online.


The best source for this information is the Public Accountability Project. This website allows you to conduct one search in one place, and most importantly it also gives you the ability to search on a name. The county tax assessor databases only allow you to search on the address, which is obviously limiting if you do not have the address.

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