Corporate Research on Hidden Connections

Hidden, Obscure Connections

There are several ways to find hidden or obscure information about a company. For starters, one can use, to search for information about the company. This database includes a variety of information sources, including registries leaked from tax havens and information from leaked documents from Offshore Leaks and similar sources. If you search a company or its owner’s name, the aforementioned sources are a great way to find if they have a hidden shell company in a tax haven. But this database has several other kinds of useful information as well that make it work checking. is also a great website that uses leaked financial documents and corporate registries (for companies that were previously hidden) to map out connections between one company and various other entities like people, stock, addresses, other companies etc. See the chart below from ICIJ.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image.png
Screenshot of entities linked to Blackwater Investments (from is a good resource for finding connections of wealthy or powerful people. The information is populated by users but they must provide a source for any connection identified. This resource will find various kinds of relationships and presents them in a visual format that is easy to understand.

See the link analysis map below that was created by LittleSis and maps out how certain energy companies influence think tanks.

from, click here to see the source

Map the Power is an in-depth guide produced by LittleSis that explains how to do simple and advanced research to find how individuals, corporations, and other organizations have hidden connections.

Okay that’s it, good luck!

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