Find Local News From Far Away

(tools for company-specific news, googling from elsewhere in other languages, and searching most common search terms)

When researching a company, local news stories are a great source of obscure information that likely will not be at the top of your search results when you google the company’s name.

Company-Specific News

IBM’s Watson News Explorer is a great source for finding any news affiliated with a company, even smaller companies.

To find these stories, first look up the company’s Annual Statement, which will list its subsidiaries and where they are located. A separate post explains how to find and read a company’s Annual Statement.

“I Search From…”

Use to make your google searches appear to come from other locations including foreign counties, specific cities and search for results in specific languages.

Foreign Language News –

You can also use to find foreign language news about the company. Just search for the company’s name and when you go to the website’s page that is specifically for the company, scroll down and there is a section titled “News in Other Languages”. This is a good time to get the Google Translate browser extension so it can translate the page for you.

While you are using Market Screener, it is also a great tool for getting an initial impression about a company because the website will give you a general summary about the company, list news stories, and list analyst recommendations regarding how well the company is doing.

Search for the most common search terms

Finally, you can get a feel for how the public views the company and if there are any rumors (which might turn out to be well-founded) by looking up the most common searches regarding the company in Google or Twitter. The website will list the most common searches or autofill phrases associated with any term, such as a company name. The website offers this service for different search engines and social media, but anecdotal evidence suggests that it is enough to just search Google and Twitter.

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