“People-Search Websites” (list of tools to search names, addresses, phones)

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The following is a list of websites that can search for US-based people if you know the individuals name, phone number, or address:

Search name, phone, or address

truepeoplesearch.com – name, address, phone (NAP)

searchpeoplefree.com – email, (NAP)

cyberbackgroundchecks.com – email, (NAP)

thatsthem.com – email, (NAP)

advancedbackgroundchecks.com – email, (NAP)

fastpeoplesearch.com – (NAP)

nuwber.com – (NAP)

familytreenow.com – (NAP) – focuses on genealogy

radaris.com – (NAP)

whitepages.com – (NAP)

clustrmaps.com – name, address

truthfinder.com – only for searching phones

Johndoe.com – better results for associates

xlek.com – name

howmanyofme.com – name

spytox.com – https://www.spytox.com/firstname-lastname

spokeo.com – https://www.spokeo.com/Firstname-Lastname?loaded=1

zabasearch.com – only use then name-based search

classmates.com – name

social-searcher.com – focuses on usernames and mentions in social media


homemetry.com – address

Property and other public records

Publicaccountability.org – name, address

Publicrecords.directory – name

https://publicrecords.netronline.com/ – this is a database listing the websites for county governments public records – especially the county appraiser or assessor, which have property records

Phone CallerID Lookup







Crowd-Sourced Phone Search




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