Genealogy – Find Heritage Quest (and other resources) At Your Local Library

This is a very simple post that seeks to raise awareness about genealogy resources at your local library and explains in 3 easy steps how to find access to them. Due to the popularity of genealogy, your local public library will almost certainly have some sort of online resource, like a subscription to a genealogy service.

My local library allows patrons to use Heritage Quest for free via the steps that should apply to your local library as well.

Heritage Quest is a genealogy site that normally requires a paid account but is often available at local libraries.

3 Step Process

The process for finding library resources on genealogy is usually the same at different libraries and works as follows:

1) (assuming you have a library card) Go to library website and login.,

In this case we are going to –

2) Look for options and the libraries online resources.

In this case click on the 3 lines symbol to see a drop down menu and then choose “Online Resources”

3) There will be a section on genealogy that will have Heritage Quest and possibly other resources too.

That’s it!

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